“2020” and “2021” (Art)


Update: February 22, 2021


It’s probably fairly obvious that the inspiration for this piece was the crazy energy that intensified in March 2020, as the world was flooded with enormous amounts of fear, anxiety, and confusion.

“2020” is the reflection and expression of those feelings; not just my own but on a global energetic level.

This piece was originally titled “2020 – the beginning” and my intention was to create “2020 – the end” by the end of that year, but things didn’t go quite to plan considering the ongoing “madness”.

Needless to say, I did start a “2020 – the end” piece, but the intuition was very slow in coming forward because the energy shifts and changes around us seemed to be stuck in a holding pattern of sorts.

In February (2021) I finished what was then “2020 – the end” and renamed it “Hands of Love”. Intuitively, I feel there is at least one more piece to complete this series and it’s something I’ve not been guided to start yet.


NOTE:  These pieces are currently not for sale, however if they call to you, please contact me and we can chat.



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