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I like taking pictures, especially of nature and critters.

Winter Sun


January 2016.

I like taking pictures of the sun and this is one of the coolest I’ve taken. It was taken with my S4 Samsung phone and was simply a “point and click” event. I haven’t touched up, or enhanced or edited the photo (other than crop it).


Winter Sun Dec. 2014

Date taken: December 2014

Location:   Spruce Grove/Edmonton area, Alberta, Canada.

Coming or Going?


Summer 2015.

We live on an acreage, and I delight in discovering the multitude of critters – big and small – that visit us on a regular basis. Maybe not really visiting; after all they do live here. I’m just happy that they come out of hiding once in awhile so I can “meet” them in “person”.

Here’s a fuzzy yellow caterpillar that found its way onto the back porch. No idea what kind of butterfly or moth it will grow up to be (if you have any idea, please feel free to share!). It was on the move, and this is the last of it before it went over the deck railing.


Hello or Goodbye

Fuzzy Visitor

My Maggie


Maggie is a rescue dog and she picked me on December 21st, 2011 (Winter Solstice). I’d never had a dog with a sense of humour as big as hers. She’s quite the character. I affectionately call her my “weirdo”. I can relate.



Miss Maggie is a mixed breed; the shelter had no idea what mix she is so she was generically labelled a “shepherd cross”. Earlier this year (2015) I decided to finally have her DNA tested. I was curious as to what she was all mixed up with. Many people offered an opinion and they were all, essentially, wrong!

Other than German Shepherd Dog, the most frequent guess was Doberman (due to her lack of undercoat) and Husky (she has webbed toes). I wondered though whether she might have some hound dog in her, because she doesn’t howl – she bays!

Anyway, it turns out she’s quite the blend of breeds, with the top two being German Shepherd and Coon Hound. Neither parent was a pure-bred, and the top five other breeds found in her genetics are:

Saint Bernard
Alaskan Malamute
Miniature short-haired Dachshund

Way to keep it interesting Maggie! Now that I know her genetic background, it explains her physical features and personality.

Does it matter what breed Maggie is? Nope, because I love her just the same.