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Icicles in My Window


January 2017

Wind-blown icicles. I love how their reflection in the window looks like mountains. There are no mountains where I live, here on the Prairies.

Note & Update … I believe Spirit leaves “signs” for us everywhere and this was very likely one of them because that following Fall (October) we moved to the mountains in British Columbia.





Coming or Going?


Summer 2015.

We live on an acreage, and I delight in discovering the multitude of critters – big and small – that visit us on a regular basis. Maybe not really visiting; after all they do live here. I’m just happy that they come out of hiding once in awhile so I can “meet” them in “person”.

Here’s a fuzzy yellow caterpillar that found its way onto the back porch. No idea what kind of butterfly or moth it will grow up to be (if you have any idea, please feel free to share!). It was on the move, and this is the last of it before it went over the deck railing.


Hello or Goodbye

Fuzzy Visitor